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 SALE WALLPAPER: 4 panels (24"x48") for $100 -- ALL FINAL SALE!  Limited Quantities. 

**Please note:  if you have bought wallpaper in the past or plan to place future orders please know that these will be from a different batch and colors are not guaranteed to match.  


“What I love most about this collection is the color & pattern combinations. At Thimblepress we look to celebrate and elevate, and this collaboration with Chasing Paper does exactly that! These patterns are inspired by celebration, color and the desire to intentionally elevate a space and make it uniquely your own. I love a bold accent wall or a well lit room with a full pattern. There’s nothing bland about these patterns, and I cannot wait to see how people use them!” - Kristen Ley, Thimblepress


  • Designer

  • Pattern Scale

    Antlers measure approximately 1.5"
  • Panel Size

    2 feet x 4 feet

footage calculator


Insta-love for our Antler print


Footage Calculator

Chasing Paper comes in 2 feet by 4 feet panels. Enter a height and width, in feet, below and we will tell you how many panels are required.

This calculator is meant to be used as a guideline. We recommend adding 10-15% overage to your order.

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